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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not home for Dinner day 4 & 5

Both day 4 & 5 I was out for dinner and part lunch.

Yesterday we had to leave at 11 am for a doctor's appointment and get to a birthday sleep-over campout. Needless to say I brought my cooler stocked with everything I would need to survive the day. At the party, I had no desire for the chips or cake - amazing! The only thing is that I did eat baked chicken served there that was seasoned with salt & pepper. Overall I think I handled day 4 pretty well, except I think I should have had more water! I went to bed feeling my feet where bloated and I was coming down with a cold. I didn't have a good sleep that night because of a stuffy nose.

Today I woke up feeling much better and when I went on the scale, I did lose a little. However, I had to take my second Spark with my lunchtime meal because I didn't get a good sleep last night and I was starting to feel very tired.
I left at 2 p.m., after my lunch, to take my oldest to a doctor's appointment whic I thought would be quick and then I'd pick up my kids from the birthday campout early and come home for dinner. Therefore, I did NOT bring any provisions. Well, that didn't turn out like that. The 2:45 appointment ended at 5 p.m. and by then I was beyond ready for my mid-afternoon snack since I had not eaten since 1:30. So I ran to Aldi's and got a Bolthouse Green Drink, a banana & some sun flower seeds before I left for my 45 minute drive to pick up my children.

When I got to my friend's house, I was told that the husband already went out to bring back some dinner for us. So we stayed for dinner again, but this time I didn't have my supplies.

Thus, I didn't take my Omegaplex AGAIN and had chicken, carrots (lightly honey & basil) and a few boiled potatoes. I don't know if potatoes are okay right now, but I was hungry. When I got home at 10 p.m. I took my Herbal Tablets, but not the Omegplex I missed at dinner.

I was pretty much out all day both days. Next time when I go out I now know I need to be ready for ANYTHING and bring some Advocare supplies with me. I don't want to get stuck NOT having what I need to take when I'm caught not being able to eat at time.

I'm trying the best I can, but I can see it is MUCH harder when you are on the move, which I am all too often. It's easy to forget your supplies when in a rush to get out the door and perhaps not really anticipating that you just MIGHT be out when it comes time for your next Advocare product. It's also easy to not reach those 2-3 hour deadlines between meals when you are somewhere where you can't get to food or are very busy doing something you need to get done. And when these things happen, it's also difficult to go out-of-your way to find food or ask for tailored food when at a friend's house that you are able to eat on this challenge. I struggled with all of these these past two days and I can say, I get it why this is called a challange.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 3 - I Thought Today Would be Easier!

Well, I thought today would be easier. It wasn't.

You see, I knew I was going to be home all day. On Saturday (yes, the day we started our program), we tore off wall paper and today was the day I was going to finish sanding and putting on the sealer/primer since yesterday we were out all day. I found my day got so busy doing those things, that I too didn't keep on track as I was hoping to.

First of all, I didn't roll out of bed until 9 AM because of our exhausting day yesterday and then I stayed up last night trying to get stuff done.

I also noticed, as I ate the final fiber drink, that there were vitamin packets at the bottom of the box I didn't notice before. Here, they were the Herbal Cleanse tablets that I was reading about on the directions and we hadn't taken them the first two days into the challenge.

You see, we don't really have all the product yet. When we started the challenge, our friends gave us the supplies we would need for the first six days and so we are still waiting for the shipment. When I saw the Herbel Cleanse tablets at bedtime on the sheet, I thought it was a different product in a different box that is on it's way. Afterall, our friends didn't leave us any Meal Replacement Shakes and they were on the list too! So I just passed it off. But I was wrong - they were all there packaged together in one box. I HERBAL CLEANSE is an entire 'system' box and NOT just one 'product' box. All you need to cleanse yourself naturally is in that box. Well, chalk it up to experience - but now WHAT?

I called my friend and asked her what to do. At first, she didn't know and thought perhaps that we should start all over, but then she found out that we should just add it to days 7 and 8 instead. So tonight, Michael and I took the Herbal Cleanse tables for the first time.

I don't know why I didn't see them there. I just thought it was some kind of packaging ploy and that the box was just larger than needed to make it seem like more. My mind is always placing things into categories and boxes and I just didn't think more than one kind of product would be in the same box. Now I know that even the Probiotic Restore tables are there which is good to know since we are starting those tomorrow and we STILL haven't received our shipment.

The mix-up I blame it on my dyslexia!

Anywho, I didn't always eat on schedule, though I tried and I found I had even forgotten to take my Omegaplex at dinnertime (which was at 8pm!). I know I let too much time go between meals and I still didn't drink enough water. You know, though, I'm NOT discouraged. I'm in the middle of a learning curve with this product and in life and I'm willing to see it through. Even my friend, who had been using these products since last November, admitted that she had difficulty keeping track of everything and still is in her own learning curve as she guides others. No kidding!

I also asked her about our difficulty from yesterday. She said it's okay to skip the snack or eat more - it is just up to you. At least I think that is what she said - I'm still now quiet sure. I'm going to ask again.

I'm hoping I'll be there one day and that what I'm going through now will be a good lesson for me to pass on to for someone else.

Lord, please help me with day 4 because tomorrow I'll also be out most of the day to a doctor's appointment and then a birthday party. Will I survive? Stay tuned!

Day 2 Hiccups with the Advocare 24-Day Challenge (8-7)

God is so amazing.

It just came to my mind yesterday and a few days before I found out about Advocare, I had prayed and asked the Lord to take away my sugar cravings. I didn't know how HE was going to do it, but I know I couldn't do it myself. I was in my car telling Jesus how crummy I was feeling and asking Him if he's step in. I explained to Him that I had seemed to lost the ability to make good food choices for me and my family and if he could please do something to break my sugar chain.

Well, he did.

I met up with an old friend at a graduation party and in our small talk I explained I was making a family gym in our garage. Then she told me about Advocare and I was intrigued. She offered to leave off a few packets of "Spark," which is an energy drink. The first day I drank it in the morning and I found out I had energy throughout the day. However, somedays I do have more energy than others, so I wasn't really sure it was the Spark or not.

I was going to leave the other packet for my husband, but the next day I found myself beginning to feel tired mid-afternoon and feeling like I might need a nap. I looked at that Spark and wondered if it would help, so I took it. In about 20 minutes I had renewed energy and the desire for that nap just faded.

The next day, I didn't have any Spark, and I needed a nap. It was THEN, I knew the Spark did help me and that I needed to know more about this product.

Well, I just thought I give you a quick history as to HOW I got involved with Advoare. I'm not one to spend extra money on anything. I'm a do-it-yourself kinda gal - everything from handmade, trashed picked, freecycle, craigslist, ebay, thrift shops and coupons keep me going. I don't like to spend extra money on my hair, make-up and nails and certainly not a 'program' to help me lose weight that I know I could if I had just ate right and exercised! However, for some reason I felt the urge to really try this one AND I for some reason have the motivation to follow this one through. The only possible reason I can think of as to WHY I would at all spend money on a 'program' is because of the Lord putting it on my heart. I'm sure now that this was an answered prayer FROM HIM and that HE will give me the help I need to accomplish my health and weight goals.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me his strength.

That said, I want to tell you about our rough day 2.

Day 2 we saw a challenge with the challenge (LOL) because there were some 'hiccups' along the way.

Day 2 was a church day. We both took our Spark & Cayalast about 9 am. Then we got busy getting the kids ready and doing this and that before church and didn't eat breakfast until about 45 minutes later. For Michael, it was an 1 ½ later, which was right before we had to leave to go to church. We also took our before pictures and measurements and I don't want to talk about it.

Church went longer since it was communion, so it wasn't over until 1 p.m. I did have everything packed, so Michael went in line to get food for the kids and I got the cooler with our food for the day.

There we sat, ready to eat, but we had already missed the mid-morning snack and now it's lunch time. Should we eat both now, or just skip the mid-morning snack??? Michael and I weren't sure. I was very hungry so I opt for eating both because it's not good for your body to starve. I thought I heard somewhere that if you don't eat enough, your body will feel like it's starving so it will hold onto more weight. I was VERY hungry at that moment.

Michael, however, explained the importance of portion control and that over eating on one sitting also slows down your metabolism. I totally understand that too - but truthfully, the food I had before me for both meals was still less calories than I had normally eaten in the past at one meal! I mean, the mid-morning snack was only 3 hard-boiled eggs and about 8 cherries and the lunch was a small salad with chicken. I really didn't think that was a lot.

Well, I at the eggs, fruit and ½ of the salad. About an hour later I finished it in the car. Then we were off to a graduation party. I though for sure they might have some 'lean' protein there like chicken, but EVERYTHING they had was fattening, except for carrot sticks and watermelon. Lucky for me, I brought cooked veggies with me and everything we needed to survive - except the lean protein. I was determined to be good!

Since our day was so behind schedule, I decided to have our mid-afternood snack at 5pm and our dinner at 7:30. So as my gracious hostess was making sure everybody had tons of food, I was pulling out my Advocare stuff and singing it's praises to her. I couldn't believe that with all that potato salad, cheese cakes, brownies, chips and soda around, I had no desire to eat any of it except for what I was allowed to - watermelon and carrots. Even then, I didn't eat much of that.

When it came time for dinner, I did, however, take some of that pulled pork that was backed in Baby Back BBQ sauce (sugar) and I tried rinsing it in hot water to get off as much BBQ sauce as possible. Needless to say, I'm not sure it worked because it still tasted good, but I only had about ½ fistful just to be sure.

I was so proud of myself. Thank you Jesus.

Michael and I still wonder, what is the best thing to do when you miss a meal? Do we double-up or miss it? I'm going to find out tomorrow.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today I started the Advocare 24-day Challenge

Today we did it! Michael and I began our journey on the Advocare 24-day Challenge, but now without bumps along the road. Though we were both home all day, life got busy today as we took off the wall paper on the large back wall in our living room. Wallpaper was all over the floor and Michael worked and spackled into the night. I was busy helping him when I could, but I focused on what we needed to be eating and when. I cut, measured and brought food to Michael as he worked.

I didn't get up until 10 am so our meals were a bit off so we combined our lunch and mid-day snack - which was eaten at 4 P.M.! Like anything, there is a learning curve and questions to be asked, but we did our best for day one. I'm not sure if we got all of our water in, though.

Tomorrow we are going to church and then a graduation party and there lies the real test. I already have made our meals for tomorrow and now I'm just praying there will also be food there we will be able to eat (chicken instead of hotdogs).

Michael is also concerned about his own day because he travels throughout the day and won't be able to keep the schedule as easily. I'm packing him everything he will need to eat during his day and I hope, when he's driving, he will get opprotunity to eat. It's not uncommon for him to come home and say, "I haven't eaten anything all day." I'm sure THAT won't happen again. With this plan I know he will be eating and I'm sure that will make his busy days more manageable.

We haven't yet measured ourselves. We need to do that.

Taking a Dive into Health

In the light of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Michael and I have decided to take a dive - into better health. For some time now I have been battling the bulge, wanting to be thin again but not really doing much about it. I had previously been on a diet and lost 20 lbs., but I had since gained them back and then went on to have two more babies at age 41 and 43 that has made me at my all-time-high weight!

Weight is a subject I often avoided because it just seemed too unreachable for me now. Not only did my previous weight came back, but now I'm in my mid-40's. How is it possible that I could EVER get back to the size I used to be?

Michael, on the other hand, has only gain a minimum amount of weight but he's battling other issues that *might* be due to the stress of his job; or might not.

Two days ago we decided to do something about it.


Actually, I wanted to do this and Michael went along with me because he knew it would help me doing it together. We bought the 24-day challenge with "Advocare" and beginning Saturday we are going to try it. The first 10 days will help us to detox our body and the next 14 days will help us to re-learn a new eating lifestyle - or something like that. All days are packed with Advocare products that will help along the way.

Before I begin this program, I'd like to express just how I have been feeling right now. I'm hoping that somewhere down the road, this might touch a cord with someone who is struggling such as I am on the day of this blog.

I was always an active child though I didn't really care for any sports. I loved to run and I was perhaps the fastest runner I knew as a preteen. I loved to bike and would take bike rides of 25 miles or so just for fun. I loved to dance and would go to "Christian dances" and dance the evening away almost without stopping (unless there was a song on I didn't care for). I was never really happy with my body since I was a medium to larger framed girl than some of my friends, but in my grown teens and young twenty years, I ranged about 130-135 lbs. which was normal for my body type.

When I met my husband, we began to go to fast food restaurants often. I became less active and after our wedding, I began to 'settle down'. Slowly I began to gain weight but it wasn't in just one stop; it was all over so it wasn't as noticeable as it could have been. Then after one baby and the next, I just settled into mother hood, as everybody else, and the weight continued as I managed to take care of my family. I'd take them to McDonalds for a play time activity and I began eating more 'fun foods' with the kids. I didn't like to be restricted and always had a sweet tooth. This has continued like this - eating and gaining weight after every baby - until today. Here I am now 20 years, 6 kids and 100 pounds higher! It's only 5 lbs. a year but it DOES add up over time!

I've noticed I am unable to do the things I used to - even simple things like getting off the floor. My body looks very much like my Mom's and I remember her struggling to get off the floor as she held onto a side-table to help push her up or went on her knees. I used to just be able to go from a sitting to standing position, but now I find myself getting off the floor like my mother used too. This makes me feel VERY old.

I have a over-hanging belly which makes me not able to see my feet when I stand. It makes me look like a continually five or six month pregnant woman - which I am NOT! I hate the fact that my pants sometimes roll down because I have too large of a waist. Just yesterday, I was asked if I was expecting again! How embarrassing!

Also, it seems as if sometimes when I'm in an indian style position on the floor and bend over, something INSIDE of me seems to get out of wack and I have to sit up straight to work it out. Perhaps one of my organs getting pushed around with all the added fat. I'm ready not to experience THAT again.

Going to the store is no fun for me when it comes looking for clothes. Come on! Doesn't these clothing manufactures understand that FAT people LOVE fashion too? Why do most plus size clothing look as if it's better suited for someone in a nursing home? STYLE PEOPLE!

Then there's the issue about going up stairs. I don't notice much struggle with the 3 and 9 stair levels I have in my house, but when I had to rush up from the basement to the top floor (about 21 steps), that is when I feel it. I have little breath anymore for more than just 10 steps. This too is not good.

Now let's talk about genetics! Both sides of my family where heavy and at times, obese. Both were large in their own way but mostly around the belly. They didn't control their diet and now they are with the Lord. My father died of a stroke to the brainstem due to the many years of his love for fried food. My mother died of heart-related issues but they were all complications of her inability to control her diabetes, which runs strong on her side. She loved bread and sugar and so do I. I have many relatives on her side that had diabetes and colon cancer. So my genetics are against me I suppose.

My lack of time to do pretty much anything for myself is also at fault. Hey, take a look at my blog - you don't see many entries before this because I just don't have the time. I am a homeschooling mother of six kids! There is no time for me.

Handling stress has been a downfall for me. I usually handle stress reaching for sugar, bread, coffee (w/french vanilla), coke or I'd take a long nap. These things just made me more sluggish in the end. I also have an umbilical cord hernia that sometimes gives me pain. I know if I were thinner, I it wouldn't be an issue.

My woman's health issues haven't been all that great either. I have been battling with yeast problems and bacterial infections regularly. I know it's because of my great love for sugar! Yeast just LOVE every frappacino and cookie I eat! I've been saying for years I'm going to give up bread and sugar, but haven't done it. Now is the time!

Two other things to document concerning my health is the constant ringing in my ears and my eyesight going - but I don't think those things will change due to weight loss.

My self-esteem isn't very good at this point, and it shows up in many different areas of my life. I often put myself down with my friends and family and ever wonder WHY my husband still loves me and my children adore me. WHY?

I really want to be confident again having my picture taken! I also would love to be in great health for my 2 year old and grandchildren. At this rate, I won't, so I need to so SOMETHING. I recently got myself checked out and according the doctor, there's nothing wrong with me right now. My blood sugar and cholesterol are all just fine. However, it is hard carrying this extra weight and I know if even I lose a little weight, my chance for diabetes will decrease greatly AND I'll be motivated to begin an exercise routine. So here I go. I'm diving into a new life and I hope to document it along the way to one day look back and say, "Hey I remember feeling that way and now I don't."


Does anybody else feel the same way I do?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's been a while, but I feel I must get back to blogging again. Since the last time I have written, I have had another baby, Joseph, who is now two years old. Isn't he just the cutest? Here was my kids at Christmas. Since then, they all got haircuts.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Blame it on 1st Year Molars

What to do? I'm tired, worn out and just keeping myself above the surface. Last week Jonathan had a little runny nose, red cheeks and a slight fever. He’s teething, as babies do, so I gave it little thought. Then on Friday night, Rebekah threw up. Then on Saturday afternoon, Jonathan threw up. Then on Sunday Jeremiah, Josiah, Rebekah and Jonathan were throwing up. Well, with all the kids, except for Jonathan, it passed in 24 hours. I took both Jonathan and Jeremiah to the doctor and they were both placed on antibiotics. Jonathan had a very bad ear infection - so bad it was coming out of his ear! Well, Jonathan continued to throw up for the next two days as we tried to give him liquids in small amounts. But by Wednesday, he looked his worse. He had lost his pink color, his eyes looked tired, large and sad plus had darkness around it. He just didn’t look himself at all! It was holding a different baby. I took him back to the doctor that day and he was a bit dehydrated but the doctor didn’t seemed to alarmed. Well I was! And would you know, that was the day our family was to go away on an already-paid over-night wate rpark vacation! Well, I encouraged the rest of the family to go without me, while I stayed home with Jonathan. He was VERY thirsty and cried often because I wouldn't give him more than 4-8 sips at a time of Pedilayte. But by the end of the day, he looked better, was happy and even nursed me for the first time that day (he had passed over two nursing sessions). But today, it was a different story. He woke up happy and thirsty, but again refused to nurse. Then suddenly, we refused the sippy cup and got really tired. So, after being up for one hour, I put him back to bed. When he woke up, he continued to refuse most of the day. I was able to get a little in him, plus about 1 tbsp of applesauce and a 1/2 of saltine cracker, but he didn't want it. What is the worst, is that he's refusing to Mommy Milk so it’s been over 24 hours since he last nursed! He puts his little finger in his mouth - poor guy! He seemed to like the Orajel I put on his finger - in fact that was the only thing he opened up wide his mouth all day - Baby Orajel! I guess I’ll have to see what comes my way tomorrow – but for now... I blame it on first year molars!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On October 31st Jonathan began crawling. Just 10 days later the kids made this Thomas the Tank Engine setup for him to help him begin standing and holding on to furniture. Well, since then he's cruising on furniture all around the house and can't get enough of climbing our stairs too! Help! We've created a little crawling, cruising, climbing monster! Well, at least he's not walking yet...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

OH! - BOMB! - MA! or "OH-Bottom"

Ok - What AM I doing up. It's 1:39 and the day before Thanksgiving - no it IS Thanksgiving. I need to go to bed but I just wanted to first say I'm glad the election is over. I'm NOT happy that Obama won, but we must now support and pray for our president that the Lord will bring Daniels around him and give him good advice. Now I have to get my kids to stop calling him the affectionate names we gave him before. Names like "OH-Bottom" and "OH! (pause) -BOMB! (pause)- MA!" That one is like someone saying "OH!", then pointing to a BOMB and then calling for their Mommy! My kids seemed to like it when I thought it up. Anyway, I gotta get to bed. Goodnight!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Americas Choice Now - Video

Americas Choice Now - Video

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"WWJV" Who Would Jesus Vote?

I know, I know - here I go again talking politics. Our country is only 3 days away from perhaps one of the most important elections in the history of our nation. So much is at stake and so much is needed to be fixed in our country.
I'm still amazed how some people are still on the fence. What is even more amazing to me is some people who I know and love are voting for Obama. I just don't understand it. It seems to me that the choice is really obvious - especially since some of these people I know to love God!
Thus the reason for this blog. I feel it is important to note this very fact: God judges a nation by morality and not by prosperity and circumstances. God promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray , and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. " Yes, that scripture verse was first spoken to the Jewish people, but God's Word is the same yesterday and today and bridges far more than just the historical aspect of it. Each verse is packed with history as well as national and individual practical instruction. God promises that a land, a people, a nation, will only be healed when the people of that nation turns to God for the answer and help.
In Biblical times where Baal and Molech was worshipped, the worshippers would often engage in orgies and children and babies were often sacrificed to them. I once heard a pastor explain that they would lay babies on the red-hot headed hands of the statue and have the children burned. Sound familiar? But where are these worshippers today? They no longer exist as a people and their God is now on display in various museums around the world. Elijah had 800 of them killed in one day when he proved that God was the one and only true God. God brought down judgement.
Yes we have government with run-away spending, yes mortgages are at stake, yes we need to do something with our health care system and protect our social security and such (and yes, our troops need to come home) Truthfully though, if we only choose a candidate by economics only, we may as well slap God in the face. I know that sound harsh, but we cannot put our faith in any candidate. Only God can get us out of our mess and he WON'T honor our prayers as a nation of HIS PEOPLE choose on economics alone. We MUST choose morality - MUST!
Now it is sad that since the beginning of the Iraq war, over 3,000 of our solders have fallen and over 30,000 have been wounded. I want to see this war end as any red-blooded American and I want to see the troops come home too - but with dignity and not in defeat.
But Obama makes a big issue of the casualties of the Iraq war and seems to care nothing about the casualties of Roe vs. Wade. Both American soliders and babies lives are meaningful! If all the casualties of all the American wars from past history were added together, the amount wouldn't be even close to the amount of United States citizens that have been killed through abortion since 1973. Over 50 MILLION United States citizens were never given a voice in our country! They were never given the choice to live. Doesn't The Constitution speak againist not giving Americans the right to free speech? Isn't that a voice? Why is it that people aren't hearing the screams of the babies?
Obama is making it an issue that our soldiers are dying in Iraq, but the thousands of babies are the true casualties of war - the war of Roe vs. Wade and it's been wagging since 1973! Please, Please, Choose Life! And yes, I want to see our troops home too! Support them and also let’s support women to keep their baby!
Please watch the 4 minute (very well done) video in post above and see for yourself. These are the candidates speaking in their own words and you will be amazed on the stark contrast between these two on this issue. I showed it to my 12-year old and he said, "Mom, just thing of how many new things some of those babies could have invented." He is right. Some of those cast-away babies would be 35 and in their prime. Perhaps we have killed the next Thomas A. Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or Henry Ford. Perhaps the next great doctor to cure cancer or someone who could have become the President of the United States.
Also, for all you Bush haters out there, please don't let your feelings get in the way of what you know is the right choice.
So in conclusion, I must say, please remember God is in control and we must have faith that if we vote with morality in mind and not just economics, then we would have voted according to God's Word. Just think to yourself, "WWJV" - "Who Would Jesus Vote" Not I know Jesus would only vote for God, but I just coined the extression to help you the voter to think in Bibical terms when you cast your vote.
Here are the issues and can be seen at

Monday, October 27, 2008

Join Michael on Election Day Video

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Join Michael on Election Day

In celebration of only one week away from Election Day, I thought you would like to see Michael's part in this. It seems in this video he has met both John McCain and Barak Obama and they gave him the red-carpet treatment and then treated him badly in the end.

Please check out this funny JibJab political video that they made for this year's campaign. You are able to make your own and put your face into it. I especially like that they made Obama in a fantasy world - funny stuff!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical Parents Beware!

Today we treated our children and surprised them by taking them to see the long awaited High School Musical 3. As you can see by my previous blog, I've even placed them into the characters and we made fun of it. We told the kids we were going to a store in our nearby mall because but it was a ploy to surprise them into the front of the movie theater ticket window (which is by the food court). They were trilled to say the least and thanked Dad multiple times!

HSM3 was just as we would expect with clean friendships, overly talented kids, catching tunes and lots of dancing - and of course - a clean love relationship growing between Troy and Gabriella. Sharpay was up to her old tricks again, but at the end met herself face-to-face which put her in her place. And unlike the other movies, I found they directors took more artistic liberties with this one making it seem more like a fantasy rather than a possible reality. I was enjoying every minute of with it with the kids.

All was well - until the end.
Though Sharpey was trying to take center stage again, she didn't seem like the over minding conflict in this movie. Rather, it was Senior Year giving the problems. Where would the graduates go afterward and how can they stay together yet follow where they need to be? It seems the choices of universities and what they were going to become were different and pulling them apart. There was a great scene when Troy sang a song in agony and anger over his upcoming decision.
Gabriella was accepted into Stanford University and Troy was going to be 1000 miles away from her for basketball. Then, he was accepted into a performing arts college so he was being pulled in three ways. Gabrella was 1000 miles away and he had choices from various colleges. In the end, he made Berkeley University his choice because it offered both basketball and theater and was only 32 miles away from Stanford - and his true love. In the end everybody cheered and all seemed well in the world again.
I left the theater with warm fuzzies like everybody else until my husband said, "The movie was just fine until Troy said he was going to Berkeley and he blew it for me!" Here, I found out that Berkeley is among one of the most liberal colleges in the United States. I wasn't aware of this. He went on to explain certain things Berkeley teaches and allows that even earns students credits. Since this is a rated "G" blog, I won't go into detail, but I agree that Troy's final decision was actually the worst choice he could have made.
Disney knew this when it was written in. Walt is most likely rolling in his grave - again. So what else is new? Seeing the cartoon above, perhaps its because Disney is one of the sponsors for Berkeley among many other corporations which we know are prone to liberal views? Most definitely!
What happened Troy? Why do you let circumstance dictate your better sense? One would think that the "boy next door" character Disney writers made Troy - one who doesn't push a girl, seem brash in any way, disrespect his elders and seem at all liberal would not let circumstance dictate his choice of schools. He's too careful to select a school without first finding its values, is he?
But then again, he's just a fictional character and it was the writers who wrote the script.
Let me just say, High School Musical Moms beware! Berkley is not a good choice of schools if you desire your children to keep their conservative views. Like I said in my last blog, don't take my word for it - check it out for yourselves on the web and see. So let's just see how Troy changes in the next few years with is new Berkeley friends and their liberal thinking. Will Gabriella still love him or will he change? Let's see the effects of Berkley in HSM4, shall we?
Though I still loved HSM3, and so did my children, I just thought it odd that they failed in this one point. Sadly, even without any drugs, sex, and edgy teenage/adult themes, HSM3 still came up short in the end (and I do mean in the end!) Regardless, I still enjoyed it and it is clean fun for the family.

Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3 in Theaters Today

In celebration of the new HSM3 movie (that my kids were just waiting for), I had fun using the HSM3 Jibjab video and made various ones with my children and their friends. Though my oldest looks the best as Troy, I'm posting the one with my two youngest children. The baby is not yet crawling, but here he is talented! My girl is taking dance lessons and perhaps someday may be able to dance like Gabreilla. I put my three oldest boys in the next JibJab video down and you can watch their break dancing moves. I bet you didn't know they could do that! You can watch them below. Please watch and laugh with us. You can make your own free at Enjoy!

In celebration of HSM3 opening today in theaters, here are my two youngest showing their stuff! (9 month old baby & 5 year old girl)

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Check out my Boyz Moves

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't Take My Word for It - Study and Read for Yourself

The title above is what I'd like to say to the people reading anything in the blog world. It's a whole new world out there! People can be free in their expression like ever before. Suddenly, everybody can be a writer, a reporter, an artist and someone who has a voice and is heard. Then, not only the people in America can hear it (enjoying the free speech we have here in our country), but now anybody all over the world can read it too (that is, if they can read English or whatever other language is being used). It's a different world than it was before, don't you think? However, with all this wonderful new found freedom us bloggers are having, there are also caution signs that must be put in place inside this new world. Blogger are...well...let me say this nicely...people! Yes, they are humans and like every other human on this planet, they make mistakes and have opinions that don't always reveal the truth or are over opinionated on a certain subject.

Take my last two bloggs. Here I thought I would use this blog spot for something different, but I have chosen to get into politics and animals rights the first two blogs! The last one I wrote caused a few people to respond back with pointed questions I really hadn't thought about. I was asked what was my opinion on using animals for clothing, handbags and other commercial items. I had to explain back that I had never gave it much thought. I be honest, we own a few rabbit skins and perhaps something else 'real' but since I was asked, this I can say - with all the man-made materials today what then is the purpose to continue to kill animals except for commercial gain? We no longer need them killed for clothing and other things, so why do it? I'm a meat eater so by all means, you can't replace a good steak with something man-made, but you can clothing. Anyway, this is what I mean. It is only my opinion and I'm just voicing it, but not asking anybody to claim it as their own. Bloggers beware. Expect people NOT to have your view. Is it really worth it? Now as far as the title of this blog goes, every savvy computer user best to know that everything read on a blog should be investigated to see if it is true. We all should know that, right? But how many times do people get their 'facts' from blogs and call them "truthful fact." I'm sure there are more than we want to believe. Right. Well, if you are reading this and want to test my suggestion, then please do test it on this. I'm going to give you a "factual statement" and you are to study it for yourself to see if it is fact. Here I am - a fairly new blogger - and I'm going to say this - Are you ready? "Jesus Christ is God and he loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Believe on what he has done on the cross for you and you will be saved from eternal punishment." Is this statement above fact or fiction? Well, I'm a blog - a voice - a typed voice - and you have no idea really who I am (except for those who do know me - "Hi everybody!") Am I one of those religious people? As far as the Bible says, I'm really NOT. Since this is my 3rd blog, I think it best to speak about God - for He is three in one. One blog - third entry (OK - I know that's lame for explaining the trinity. Forgive me!) But regardless, let's talk about God, shall we? Jesus is God! He said in his Word many times that He was and is God. He told his disciples that, he told the religious leaders that, he told the women at the well that, he told Pilate that, he told Paul that, and he told John to write it down when he was giving him the book of Revelation. So Jesus being God, why did He let himself be killed for something that really didn't warrant a crucifixion. He could of easily stopped it if he was in charge as God, right? Yes and no. In the true sense of the word, Yes he could have stopped it because he is God, but on the other-hand, he could have NOT stopped it because he is God. Do I have you confused? Of course - that's my job! You see, technically, since he was/is God, he could have stopped himself from being killed. He could have changed the religious leader's minds or just vanished or perhaps sent angels down to slay his enemies, but he didn't. Why? Because he COULDN'T stop his death because he WAS/IS God and God is love. You see, God is full of great love and grace overflowing with compassion and mercy. The Bible says that before the foundations of the world were set into place, "The Lamb" (Jesus) was already slain. That means that before God even made the world, he knew we would rebel and he already had in his plan to send his Son to die in our place for the sins we would make. He planned to send Jesus down to take our place when all of our sins were still future because he hadn't even made the world yet. Isn't that wild? Isn't that amazing to think about. So, Jesus could have kept himself from his own death because he was God and could have prevented it if we wanted to, but since God is pure love and self-sacrificing, then it just wasn't in his nature and not in his plan to do so. He had the power to stop his own death but doing so would mean going against his own nature of grace and mercy and then he would no longer be who he was - a compassionate God and Satan would have won. Instead, he endured the cross and did raise from the grave on the third day which caused Satan to lose the final war for all eternity. Satan may seem like he's winning some battles, but Jesus has already won the war and I am on the winning side. So, for those who believe this, if you ask Jesus to come into your life and forgive you of your sins, he promises that he will and you will be forgiven. After which, God had a wonderful line-up of a life ahead of you. This is not a promise for an amazing easy life, however, it will be a bed or roses - just remember that with every beautiful rose there is always a stem attached with at least a dozen thorns. But, if you place God in control of your life, He will lead you into places you never thought possible and into peace and rest throughout the storms of life. You will not feel alone nor afraid going through tough times with Jesus in your life. Well, I'm a bit tired tonight. I'll post this for now and perhaps edit it later but I'd like to get this out there on the big WWW (as I call it). If you don't believe what I said, that's the point I was trying to make all the long. Don't take my word for it - study and read for yourself for it is in God's Word. I hope you find Jesus, if you haven't already. Peace and grace to you (through your computer as you read this entry).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kentucky Fried Cruelty and My Two Cents

Make your own KFC sign at I saw a video that made my hair stand up. It was Pamela Anderson in "Kentucky Fried Cruelty." It shows how the KFC Restaurant Chain treats their birds and it was simply horrifying to say the least. You can see it below:
Watch more videos at This was a real eye opener for me. I have always known that the chickens KFC used were not in best of health because it's wasn't uncommon for me to find their bones easily broken when eating them. This means they were weak chickens. But now after seeing this video I can see why and how and I don't think our family will EVER go back to KFC. Even now, my children have adopted the term "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" when we pass by KFC. It is forever stuck in their heads for I let them see the video too. The odd thing is that me and my family are NOT animal activists. I don't go around saying things like "save the animals" nor am I aganist using animals for clothing or food (though I don't see the need to use them for commerical purposes anymore since we have so many man-made materials that can take their place). Our family is not vegetarians. However, I do have one child who hates the idea of eating meat so I have explained to him and my children it is OK to eat meat for even Jesus ate fish and God gave permission for the temple priests to eat the meat from various sacrifices as a provision and blessing for them. However, I feel that Jesus would want us to still be kind to the animals when they are alive. Even during the passover, the lamb that was chosen to be slain was to be taken into the Jewish home for a week and treated nicely. The children were to play with it and they were to give it love so that when it was sacrificed, the family understood how painful their sins were because after a week they had become attached to the lamb. I have seen nothing in God's word that has given us the right to behave meanly to animals who are in our care.
Now I don't know if PETA believes that animals have souls. If PETA does believe that perhaps that's why they are so against KFC. There's nothing said in God's Word that animals have souls - only men do. We are the only created creature that has a soul that can last into eternity. God does speak very sternly about not killing another human being but nothing on animals. However, the Bible gives no liberty on treating animals harshly before they are killed for food either. I believe KFC and the workers working in their slaughterhouses are grieving the heart of Jesus. Not only that but when someone does something so horrifying like that for a time, it makes you numb. Many of the workers take death and killing in those slaughter houses into an enjoyable act and adopt some sadistic tendencies. Hey I don't think any slaughter house should be filled with men who love their work - do you? (Selah)
OK - this is a bit crazy - here is my second post and I'm still talking about something that is off the wall for me.
Something has to be done and our family will do our best to boycott KFC. So hopefully, I won't always blog heavy things like this but I felt I had to do my share on the big WWW to be a voice against KFC's slaughter practices. That was my two cents worth. What is yours?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Can't Believe this is my first blog posting and I'm Talking Politics

Hello World! Here is the place where I can share my most innermost thoughts about life, liberty and the Pursuit of God (A.E. Tozer). (By the way, God NEVER promised that doing the right thing would lead to happiness or even prosperity) I just finished watching the final Presidential Debate with Senators John McCain and Barack Obama (or as I call him, "Oh Bottom") As you can see, I already have made up my mind whom I'm choosing. The debates haven't changed my views or did anything for me. This, however, I will say - Barack may have words, but McCain has character and that is what is what manners most in the eyes of God and Man. Really. God only measures the success of a nation on their morality and liberalism hasn't always supported the morality of the the Bible. Call me old fashion (thank you very much) or call me right-winged - I don't really care. Both parities have their flaws, but I must stick to the one whom has the more Biblical principles or I will not be able to sleep knowing I haven't supported God's Word. Now here's something to consider. Look at Obama's Official Website. Do you see any flags? Even on snopes at it is proven as TRUE that Barack took off the American Flag on the tail of his campaign plane to put up his "O"wn symbol which is an "O". He calls it the Sunset "O" with a rising flag. His "O"wn symbol? Where did that come from? I agree with my husband, he has the making of being more than a president - he seems to want to become a world leader/power. Many people who are power hungry get their "O"wn symbol that represented "The Cause". Even on his "O"wn website, it says "Join the Movement". What "Movement" - Change???? Whenever I hear of the word "Movement" I think of radicals who want to go against the establishment. Sometimes that can be good and sometimes bad but it manners on the establishment and what the movement is going against. I understand many people don't want another Bush and that is possibly what he's trying to get across with those choice of words - but perhaps it means more - much more. Perhaps his "Movement" is his "O"wn agenda to lead this country AWAY from traditional family values, patriotism, the foundations of our country that our founding fathers have established and put government more in charge of you and me. I don't know about you, but he's scary and I don't trust him a bit. I sence he has an undermining reason to become president that he's hiding very well. Well, I didn't mean my first blog to be political - you know what they say - never talk about religion or politics - but here I am doing both - and on my first blogspot entry! Boy, Oh boy, am I going to make some friends, eh? (No I'm not Canadian but my husband grew up there). Oh well, at least you know where I stand. At least whomever will read this will know that I'm for traditional values and not afraid to blog it. So there! Here's the punch from my first blog to many. May you squirm in your seats.